I actually don't think we should take suggestions but WE can decide this!
  1. Favorite ways to fall asleep
    This could be about the environment or the position but I know we probably we know best here what works.
  2. Reasons why sometimes snacks are better than meals
    We probably feel that snacks express more who and what you are about and we are all about that.
  3. Crushes on places
    Having crushes on people is so basic! We are grownups that have crushes on locations that bring out emotions. Example: I have a crush on the block sycamore in Los Angeles.
  4. How to handle being emotional when you are emotional?
    Anything involving feelings, emotions or feelings about emotions or feeling emotional about feelings.
  5. What the amount of pillows you sleep with tells about you?
    We think pillows tell a story and we know how this story goes.