Making this list made me realiZe that I had personal style growing up and now I mean nothing
  1. Manic panic hair dye
    I loved vampire red and to this day hold back using it
  2. Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden
    I had a weird phase in 6th grade where I was sunflower everything and had sunflower perfume that I got at rite aid
  3. Palladiums
    I was very early on this because my french cousins bought me then one summer but I hated when guess made copies with a heel.
  4. Hard candy nail polish
    They had the rubber ring on it and I had so many and exchanged them for friendship rings
  5. Pajama tops as normal tops/night gown slips as dresses
    This was a phase in high school that I was really supportive of and wish to bring back now
  6. French braid
    Before dance or soccer a french braid kills the game
  7. Piercing
    I had a tongue ring for 3 months and I want I die that I did this but it feels safe to admit here. I also had a cartilage piercing I loved
  8. Palazzo pants / corduroys /bell bottoms
    My legs are my go to area and mostly I love being covered up