1. Clock
    Here is where I snooze my alarm or check the world clock of loved ones away.
  2. Texts
    Something changed in my life where I don't wake up to a lot of texts. Maybe people think I'm a bad texter?
  3. List app
    I don't know how you did this @dev but it updates first on my phone and every time j land it's the first to refresh! 💯
  4. Emails
    @hellogiggles squad starts real real early @jenn @gina @ginainterrupted @pipercurda @evelyn but I wouldn't trade it for the world because this morning I learned about the Caitlin Jenner photos real quick!
  5. Slack
    Again @hellogiggles we have about 4 group chats going on and still my favorite is the one about lunch orders it gets really heated!
  6. Instagram
    Very into @fitgirlsguide and @doreenvirtue for angel stuff
  7. Twitter
    Mostly news and a little stalking
  8. Daily astrology
    I still can't find the right one! Open to suggestions
  9. The language of letting go
    @jon back me up here! Great app with daily insight for self care searchers
  10. Weather
    I do this for multiple places to get a vibe. I love checking the weather in Paris and for winter Boston to check on @LevNovak
  11. Equanimity
    App that starts my TM (transcendental mediation)