Even though this list is long please feel free to add yours!
  1. I learned how to do laundry
    This happened six months ago and it makes me feel so empowered that sometimes I wash less than 4 items
  2. I stopped having the tv on in the background just because
    As an only child for most of my life (until @nathanrossi blessed us) I loved watching tv, I loved falling asleep to TV and I really loved the sound of TV just chilling in the background of my thoughts.
  3. I decided to pack outfits on trips instead of just random items
    I learned this lesson this past week thanks to @jamieschneider !! I've never felt more styled or grown up!
  4. I started and completed the Clean Cleanse
    Thanks to @ale and my clean squad @jennikonner @jon @esther I not only feel healthier and look doper but I can tell which foods my body gets along with! Peace out to dairy and RIP peppers!
  5. Discovered coconut oil@
    My skin is so into this it's becoming weird
  6. I joined this app!
    Thanks @bjnovak @dev
  7. I started my own company
    Thanks to @hellogiggles I truly understand gratitude and patience
  8. I started wearing a watch
    This makes me look at my phone less and I have a swatch and I had one growing up so it feels extra special
  9. I started keeping Shabbat
    Turning my phone off for 24 hours allows me to be a human I'm proud of and not a robot to society.
  10. TM (transcendental meditation )
    Twice a day for 20 minutes my brain takes a nap and my brain loves naps! @hellogiggles thanks for always putting blankets on me when I'm in the zone
  11. Started working out for mental reasons not physical reasons
    This one is new and very important for me. I need to workout to be happy if that's co dependence I'm chill with it!
  12. Stopped responding to emails right away
    No one wants to be reactionary! You don't want to see me be reactionary, trust!
  13. Let someone love me to the fullest
    It's easy to love someone but to let yourself be loved takes courage!
  14. Realized I loved nature
    I love the quietness of nature and I love how it reminds me of things bigger than my thoughts and larger than my problems
  15. Stopped drinking coffee
    Still struggle with this. Having a green tea identity is boring and silly.
  16. Decided I could walk out of movies I wasn't enjoying
    Some people might be upset at this but I do me here. You don't have to leave with me.
  17. Uber x
    Sometimes I just take it to meetings and pretend I'm in a nyc can and email and text away with such freedom
  18. Started going to concerts by myself
    I don't have to worry about anyone else and can just enjoy the music, plus great people watching
    Suggested by @avery