1. The Girl in the Motorcycle
    @zoe thanks to your list
  2. Notorious
    Another @zoe suggestion and not the Notorious Big movie which I loved and cried because I have and always will be in love with him.
  3. Beach Blanket Bingo
    My dad is a surfer and would always put these types of movies on for me and the best TV show Gidget. This feels like the right summer vibes for me right now.
  4. Troop Beverly Hills
  5. Stealing Beauty
    I haven't seen this in so long but I loved the soundtrack so much and Liv Tyler is so pretty it's distracting
  6. Death Becomes Her
  7. The Source Family doc
    Very worried how connected I will feel to this cult.
  8. Three Kings
    Remember loving this and currently going through a very big Mark Wahlberg phase
  9. FEAR
    I know everyone is going to write about the roller coaster scene in the comments so let's just focus on how natural it is for Mark Wahlberg to play a psycho!