My week ends on Sunday I guess that's just me!
  1. I realized how much I like being asked to write a list because this is my second time writing the list! The first disappeared on me!
  2. Parking attendant at work casually gave me a 2 dollar bill for change
  3. I had lunch downtown (kazu nori) with @clubsilencio01 and it was so fun and even more fun knowing @kerily would spiral
  4. @kerily both admitted we had cash after lying to kids when they tried to sell us chocolates on larchmont
  5. @dev made his first downtown visit i my office with @bjnovak and now I will always be associated to that memory. I can make anything about me!
  6. I ran into a trainer I love and he told me that doing 12,000 steps a day is better than running. And I'm forever changed!
  7. I added vegan protein to my smoothie for the first time and game changer @ruddybuddy
  8. I woke up at 7am and meditated and fell back asleep until 10am on a school day
  9. I had the best week at work (hellogiggles)and I love everyone there so much that I try to act cool so it's not weird ! We also had a great birthday cupcake day for one of our BB'S
  10. @bjnovak talked on the phone like we were out of town friends. Don't think it needs to happen again but it was worth making this list.
  11. I figured out where and how to get my oil changed (here now writing this list)
  12. Decided I'm not going to use toxic nail polish. Bold move for a human who runs a website focused on nail art
  13. Another week closer to being emotionally merged with @zoe