I plan to update this my whole life.
  1. Sophia
    Born with this and recently came back to loving it
  2. Sabrina
    Born with this middle name. Not proud of it and it's legally on stuff and if paperwork didn't overwhelm me that BISH would be gone
  3. Rivka
    Went through a manic phase where I wanted to be religious and was upset that I didn't have a Hebrew name so took this change real far
  4. Rivy
    Since I insisted all my friends call me this as a way to assert my own identity my friends supported me and made me a nickname @ricky and my top tier besties call me this
  5. Chaya
    In this religious phase I became really close to a rabbi's wife and wanted to be like her and she suggested I add Chaya to my Hebrew name and I wanted to do whatever she said. Side note I haven't talked to her since I'm back to Sophia and I feel guilty about it and think about it at least once a week.
  6. Sophie
    My dad calls me this and I don't get it because he named me and If you are a Sophia you really don't want to be a Sophie. That's a whole different person
  7. Hassiba
    My Moroccan Great grandmother's name. It means regal and respected in Arabic. And the Jews of morocco gave their kids Arabic names instead of Hebrew names. Maybe to fit in?
  8. Habibi
    It means my beloved in Arabic and it's been a family thing that I've recently connected to due to the popularity of bb and bae
  9. Cherie
    It means sweetheart in French and my dad and mom call me that and when people overhear they think it's sherry.
  10. Ma vie
    Means my life and my mom and aunts and cousins love this . Again the French really love
  11. Ma Reine
    Means my queen and my mom loves this
  12. Mon amour
    My mom again and my cousins. I have like 30 cousins.