I love this list! I'll add more but I have to dive and I can't list and drive!
  1. Charlotte Ronson aka Vicky Vacation
    Vicky Vacation! She lives in NYC and has a successful clothing line but the woman is ways on vacation and has a fresh tan! She will also try to plan a vacation with you 8 months away which for me is so confusing because I can't tell if that stresses me out or reassure me.
  2. Katy aka Munchie
    My bestie travels a lot and she tries to always tell me I'm feeling rundown and need a trip and to get away and the suggestions always involve visiting her. So I call her Munchie because she is trying to Munchausen me
  4. It means my love in Arabic and I love saying it and reminds me of my Moroccan family and now that it's cool call people BB it fits well