Looking for slippers that help me stay warm (I'm always freezing) but look cute (not too cute or stylish) indoors! @mandi @zoe @Grosstastic @ruddybuddy
  1. Help! Or please make me a list or add suggestions
  2. Lands' End has the best (and cheapest) slippers that will make you feel like you're at your grandmother's house. 😍
    Suggested by @madeline
  3. I live in these. Worth the splurge! Trust. (If you have small feet, save money and order the kids size! I'm a size 5, but a kids 3) http://bit.ly/1a0pl6n
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  4. Minnetonka Slippers- My grandma bought me a pair of these for Christmas and they are soooo warm and cozy. I even wear these around the house sometimes, and I never wear shoes in my house. You can also get away with wearing then outside of your house because of their ballet shoe structure.
    Minnetonka Slippers http://bit.ly/1we2M8h
    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  5. Old Friend
    Hands down best slippers brand.
    Suggested by @dev
  6. Armor Lux. I have them. They are amazing and I also think they make me look pretty cool.
    Suggested by @stang
  7. I bought my husband these slippers by Haflinger and he loves them. I wear them too sometimes. They are super cozy! Definitely recommend. http://bit.ly/1Az8Zdy
    Suggested by @tiffany_na
  8. Lucky Brand Aligabe slippers!
    Suggested by @TT
  9. You can't go wrong with UGG slippers. These are my favorites! A little Navajo-ish; tread so you don't slide; a slight heel so you don't slip out; and cozy fur on the inside. @Lilysaltz
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    Suggested by @paigeyp
  10. Wassookeag moccasins. Pricey, but they'll last a lifetime. Not cute but very comfy. http://bit.ly/1Fh2YCW
    Suggested by @Madison
  11. Also if you feel super ritzy get shearling no 6 boots (for the indoor/outdoor experience)!
    Suggested by @Grosstastic