I'm a undiscovered civilian model! J/k
  1. Casual airport vibe
    This is my main ish! I'm prepared at any moment to take a flight to any time zone. Want to take me to NYC? I probably have a bomber jacket I'm wearing under my constant layering. But if you switch it up and want to take me on a tropical vacation I'm probably wearing a sports bra that easily is a dope bathing suit. Main items: supra high tops, soludos espadrilles or lace up, gap or apc jeans, Isabelle Marant tank tops,LnA t/shirts/leggings, knits sweaters for dazeeee. Flannel(only dark colors)
  2. goth tween but not fully committing
    Most years growing up I was Wednesday Addams for Halloween and I hate Halloween costumes that's another list. So this costume is my look. Wolford tights (expensive but worth it) vintage empire cut dresses, different lengths for different seasons (always tights) all black with occasional dark purple. Lace up rag & bone boots doc martens. Heavy eyeliner/minimal smiling. Black or red nail polish and fun earrings I have a staple pill earrings that are on brand here. Lastly my acne leather jacket
  3. Moroccan princess/al jazeera reporter
    I really get connected to my roots usually in the summer with kaftan dresses! I have a day look with minimal embroidery and my evening look is kaftan with major embroidery add headband turban (can also be wrapped with just fabrics. Never worn with heels (ballet flats or boots) extra bonus is they feel like night gowns so if you get lazy sleeping in them doesn't make you feel desperate.
  4. French alps camp counselor
    To be clear not the Swiss Alps! My mom sent me to camp in the French Alps (it was traumatizing as an American) but I was obsessed with my camp counselor Sabine that wore stripes every day AND NOT THE SAME ITEM!! She had so many! She wore them with shorts, long skirts and tapered jeans. Shoes were Paladiums (which I will be bringing back) but I sub converse. She also had bobby pins in her hair with no purpose but she found a reason to make it look chic and I hate saying chic.
  5. board room meeting/inner tween
    Every year I get older and I get more grownup jobs I promise myself to find my own version of the Working Girl look but I always fail because I actually don't care. So.. for meetings I will wear Gap Blazers and button downs with Philip lim pants, band of outsiders cardigans. Inner tween additions bright nails, friendship bracelets
  6. BONUS LOOK.....
    Pajamas is the only think I care about. Please send suggestions