1. Wednesday Addams
    To be fair it's my Halloween costume every year and I was a moody child so if you really know me you know my inner Weds but not one on this app has had to face her or ever will because I'm all about good vibes now!
  2. Winona Ryder
    Not in this picture but can we take a moment to really send her love because baby girl has a look in her eye that needs some light!
  3. A girl a shaved ice place in Hawaii
    For real think this could be my twin but I can't let myself get too emotionally invested in the dream here.
  4. Marina Abramovic
    @iambenlyons came up with this one! Again I think this was about my mood rather than looks but whatevs she looks dope
  5. @tatti worked with me and now just lives in my soul forever but I think we can pull off sisters or my dream mother daughter!!
  6. My little brother
    We look exactly alike and technically he could be my son and I used to take him out and tell people he was my son until he cried about it.
  7. Aubrey Plaza
    Suggested by   @Rose