I don't think these are spoilers but I also don't know what spoilers are because a spoiler to me is a personal thing
  1. I can't handle how much I love you! It feels like I'm watching my best friend from 8th grade show up in my favorite kind of dream but the dream is a movie with words and feelings I will always remember. AND YOU ARE SO PRETTY!!
  2. The music
    It feels scary but like the scary way feelings can go up and down through human hearts just like that
  3. Clothes
    Cutest clothes! I hope you kept all the clothes from this but mostly the red dress
  4. Variations of hairstyles
    Great buns, bangs, braids! All of it
    "She can feel a change coming, she is looking for it" this is just one of many many many groups of words together that made me 💕 & 💔
  6. More to come