I don't eat meat so this list is hard to accept how great these look. Snack hacks are a @hellogiggles office favorite
  1. Root beer float
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  2. Mustard grilled patty
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  3. Flying Dutchman
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  4. Grilled cheese
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    I've had this !
  5. Animal style fries
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  6. 4 x 4
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    Woah! Calm down
  7. Extra toast
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    Interesting choice
  8. Protein style
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  9. Neapolitan milkshake
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  10. Veggie burger
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    This doesn't feel real but ok!
  11. Half burger
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    This is cute
  12. Secret sauce
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  13. Peppers
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  14. Fry well done
    Put back in the fryer s second time for extra crispy goodness
    Suggested by @smern
  15. No salt
    You can choose to have your patties made without salt! 🍔
    Suggested by @aaronkaczander
  16. Half strawberry half vanilla milkshake
    Suggested by @esther
  17. I've also heard tales of grilled onions
    Suggested by @film114