I'm a good person. I'm sure of it
  1. Pretended to be asleep when I'm not asleep
    I've done this with people I don't want to lay my head next to at night but have put myself in this position. I'm so good at it.
  2. Gone through someone's phone
    Never again! Seeing how someone texts is super creepy but also not proud of it and it's a terrible feeling. But never been through anyone's email so..
  3. Purchased a 22 dollar smoothie (rounded down here)
  4. Not drank a sip of water in 4 days
  5. Let my gas tank get so empty it's a risk and a thrill
  6. Acted annoyed at others when it's really my fault for not paying attention
    Sorry everyone @hellogiggles
  7. Leave people voicemails
    I personally love voicemails
  8. Not used filters on group Instagram photos or only use the kind that work just for me
    @efos hates it
  9. Mildly stalk people that are in no way relevant to my life @jessicaseinfeld And aggressively stalk people relevant to my life ( nope not saying)
  10. Watch videos of Britney Spears through her success and downfall