1. I Was Made to Love Her
  2. If You Really Love me
  3. Don't you worry 'bout a thing
    Suggested by @evan
  4. For Once in My Life
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  5. Boogie on, Reggae Woman
    Suggested by @evan
  6. Past time paradise
    Suggested by @evan
  7. Overjoyed
    Suggested by @Price
  8. If It's Magic
  9. Sir Duke
  10. Isn't She Lovely
    This would be higher is every girl didn't come out to this at her Bar Mitvah
  11. My Cherie Amour
  12. Hey Love
  13. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  14. You are the Sunshine of my Life
  15. Do I Do
  16. I just called to say I love you
  17. Superstition
  18. Uptight
  19. I Don't Know Why I Love You
    Michael Jackson's Jackson 5 version of this song may be even better
    Suggested by @Kellerman
  20. "Harmonica Man" and "Castles in the Sand" off the "12 Year Old Genius" album.
    Suggested by @Kellerman