Inspired by @A. This might be less about stories and more about the rapid fire questions I will ask you.
  1. What kind of after school snacks did you grow up having?
  2. What did you have for lunch today?
    Lunch really interests me because it's in the middle of the day and that's just interesting to me. And in high school it was a big deal to leave campus to have lunch so you had lots of discussions deciding what and where.
  3. Did you watch tv with your parents growing up and what did you watch?
    @iambenlyons and I love to talk about how we watched that random TV show Sisters with our parents.
  4. What's the saddest you ever felt?
  5. Did you play outside or inside more growing up?
  6. Anything regarding your healer, astrologist, therapist, hypnotist but never your trainer.
  7. Have you ever broken any bones?
  8. Who was the first impressive older person to you?
    My camp counselor became my babysitter and I loved everything about her and the specialness of her being the groups favorite and then me being her personal favorite. And she has lots of rings on her hands and low top doc martin's.
  9. Your anxiety, your heartbreak, your childhood memories
    I'm an empathy addict and it's crucial for me to put together a timeline of all major and minor events that can help me process for us both.
  10. What did you want to be growing up?
  11. What diet are you on?
    This doesn't have to just be a diet just what's your relationship with food.
  12. What's your workout?
    This one is more of a quick convo but still.
  13. What are you reading right now?
    This has to be very recent of an answer so I can decide if we are going to discuss more or this.
  14. What did you listen to while you drive?
    @haydenslater listens to nothing and I find that insane and also very cool.
  15. Why you have a Samsung?
    I'm interested with little judgement.
  16. What kind of family vacations did you go on?
  17. Where you currently want to travel to?
    I want to go to Alaska, Italy, Sante fe.
  18. What's the happiest you ever felt?
  19. Who makes you feel the safest?
  20. What do you love to do when you do you?
  21. How your skin looks so good?
  22. Do you like the rain?
  23. What's your favorite season?
  24. Did you like the ocean or pool more?
  25. What vitamins do you take?
  26. How do you sleep? Side, back. Front?
  27. Which crystals do you connect the most with?
    Suggested by @patrickrogers