@ccheever this is my 2nd time making this list! ALL I WANT TO DO IS IMPRESS YOU! J/k! Great list request
  1. People saying "bless you" to sneezes
    I don't care how many times I sneeze until I say you don't have to say it anymore I need to hear those blessings!
  2. Fruit that doesn't go bad (Apples)
    I feel like apples last forever unlike all he other weak fruit in the game. So maybe that's why they say someone is a bad apple because it's so rare?
  3. A parking meter filled with just around the time you need
    Love seeing a 4-6 minute filled meter! It makes me feel like getting coffee in an episode of Amazing Race (never seen the show)
  4. Spotify browse lists
    I love music. But I need my music curated or I go back to my basics and that's 90's hip hop. Thanks to my music manny @bjnovak I get some mix cd's ( @zoe I would ask to get on these mixes) but Spotify has really been 💯 lately. The playlist titles are dumb "happy hipster" but love "most necessary"
  5. Car phone chargers
    I mean! Isn't this just so cool?