Please send your love and light during this difficult time
  1. What is tofu made out of?
  2. Are oysters allowed on the paleo diet?
  3. Don't you think if they made non dairy thai iced tea it would be dope?
  4. What did we do to deserve this internet outage?
  5. When will the Internet be back?
  6. How long until the Internet works?
  7. Why doesn't the Internet work when we run an Internet company?
  8. Is sprouts a legume?
  9. What is a legume?
  10. Do you think buzzfeed's Internet goes down?
  11. Is time warner run by serial killers?
  12. Let's make lists of things to do when we have no internet and then do them
  13. Should we take naps?
  14. LET'S go home!