Is this interesting? Add yours but also read mine
  1. Podcasting at home
    Everyone talks about listening to podcasts in the car but @AllisonWilliams told me she listens to them around the house and BOY WAS SHE RIGHT! @lenadunham #womenofthehour is just wonderful and love her interviews with @jennikonner @aidybryant I also love @thegreatdebates @davis @helytimes
  2. Washing my face
    I have a routine from my intuitive dermatologist but for real my skin was better when I didn't wash my face but I'm trying to be an adult
  3. Drinking water
    This actually just started today because I felt extremely hungover (I haven't drank in a month) and @Caroline told me it was because I'm dehydrated and it's too embarrassing to let this go on.
  4. Hot yoga
    @jon and I pulled up at the same exact time next to each other for hot yoga class where the teacher kept calling us "yogis" and it felt great.
  5. Acai bowls
    Had a dream about one and woke up and directly went to earth bar and built a 16 dollar bowl. Carob bark and bee pollen topping was a great idea
  6. Admitting I didn't like Carol
  7. Holiday popcorn
    Lot of gift baskets coming to @hellogiggles and that means lots of tasting on my part. Didn't know this was a thing and now it's too much a thing for me.
  8. Group texts
    Gotta few going with the following but you would have to guess the combos @AllisonWilliams @esther @jennikonner @onlinealison @jon @lenadunham @kerily @Caroline @ricky
  9. Lurking on list app
    You get it
  10. Sleeping in
    I normally love love getting up early but the last few days my body is just telling me that more sleep is what I need and listening to your body is 💯
  11. Being superstitious
    I actually am working on this. It always flares up and I have to talk myself out of it but it's a real issue for me. It is fully centered around guilt but I have no reason to feel guilty because I'm actually a good person. Also, it took me 1718272$1828 hours to be able to say that.
  12. Downtown Whole Foods
    What a palace! Game changer for @hellogiggles offices
  13. Constant forgetting my passwords
    This has actually turned psychotic
  14. Being afraid of the following
    Bananas, strawberries, night shades thank @clean cleanse
  15. Babysitting
    I babysat for @kerily @clubsilencio01 last night and I really now have a next level respect for their routine but jealousy for that bright light of baby
  16. Journaling
    Well, actually someone told me that they were told that a big emotional release can come from journaling for 12 minutes and burning it after. A few things burnt paper is not a great scent on clothes and my hands hurt from actually using a pen and also even though I know I'm going to Burn the paper I can't get over the fear of someone reading it
  17. Buying hand towels in bulk
    Best life hack from @esther list . It truly feels luxurious
  18. Talking on the phone
    I do this regularly with @ricky @jesseno @Price but never a conference call but what a great idea
  19. Texting about Pilates
    @Z we text about if we feel sore, did we like the teacher, who will pick up the green tea etc
  20. Jewish studies
    @davidkasher has a great newsletter and podcast and it just fills my heart with love to leave things I wish I had growing up.
  21. Seeing movies by myself
    Suggested by @chriscady
  22. Cooking casseroles
    Suggested by @chriscady
  23. South Park
    I'm two-thirds of the way through the season finale and it is BLOWING. MY. MIND.
    Suggested by @angusisley
  24. Taking the long way on my bike ride to and from work
    It takes me through a neighborhood with beautiful houses, lots of holiday lights/decorations, and less cars. It makes me more present and puts a spring in my step in the morning.
    Suggested by @jsyrkinn
  25. Honesty...
    As cheesy and cliche as it may sound, my divorce and rediscovery of myself is showing me that life is too short not to show people the real me. I still have an insanely strong desire for people to like me, but I'm working hard every single day to be just simply me. Nothing more nothing less.
    Suggested by @alimi
  26. Waking up before the last possible moment
    Suggested by @gialappe
  27. NYT crossword app
    bonus: if you are with someone and come to an awkward silence, ask them if they know the answer to a clue you're stuck on.
    Suggested by @gialappe
  28. Jessica Jones.
    Because it's a very smart, character-driven psychological thriller and features some gorgeous, raw and complex performances from badass women who are making their mark in the Marvel universe (also in the Universe in general).
    Suggested by @brookielyons