Let's all make our own and check in next Sunday! Or someone just hold me accountable for my list! K thanks
  1. Bleaching my hair
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    it's RUMSPRINGA SEASON! J/k but also not
  2. First @hellogiggles board meeting in my new office with my bestie @ricky as the best advisor in the land! Im going to wear a grownup outfit too!
  3. Trying cryotherapy
    http://bit.ly/1AZfvKN all I know is that you going into this freezer and your skin looks dope but I'll get back to you guys
  4. Reading or at least starting one of @maddiecalls suggestions 💕💕💕
  5. My first list app girls meet up with @mandi @zoe @privateshannon @Grosstastic it's going to be a love/list fest and we are deciding a theme for attire so maybe we can open request that!
  6. Starting ballet thanks to @lesleyarfin
  7. Going to cook 1-2 of @gabimoskowitz recipes! Feeling very into soups
  8. My car ride to and from work to start @Grosstastic podcasts list