I've never lost anyone so close to me and I know I will again but I still hope I never do.
  1. Whenever he entered the room all my family members would get up to greet him out of respect.
  2. He loved going to flea markets it reminded him of Morocco (where he was from)
  3. Every Shabbat and after he got sick every time I saw him he would put his hand on my head and give me a blessing of protection! He would say it was in Hebrew but I'm almost sure it was in Arabic
  4. He loved to dress up! He had so many suits and ties and hats and he took his time getting dressed and each item to him felt equally important. And he loved taking stuff from us @nathanrossi my ray bans and Nathan's beanies.
  5. He never learned to speak English but loved that he became American. He was so proud of being American and I never realized how much that means to immigrants.
  6. He held my hand while we drove
  7. He used to visit from Morocco and come get me at school just to walk me home.
  8. He was always smiling and his heart lit up all the rooms
  9. I miss everything about him.
  10. When I was depressed or anxious I used to lay on his lap just let his silence sooth me
  11. He didn't speak unless he had something to say.
  12. Everything