I have other thoughts FYI but don't worry about those!
  1. Does anyone else see Sharon Shaw?
    I'm very connected to my therapist and I'm probably her favorite. So I'm obsessed with knowing who else goes to her and quizzing them on her kind words. She knows about this and thinks it isn't a great idea but loves the sentiment. It's very US to disagree with love. for real tell me if you see or or know someone who sees her.
  2. Does Rebecca Gayheart feel bad about that awful car accident she was in where she killed a kid?
    I was a sleepover and my friends dad was Rebecca's Dr and she called all night crying and needed pills to calm down. So I often hope she is ok and forgave herself. Whenever I turn right 1 out of 25 times I think of her.
  3. If I pee more than 15 times today do I need to call the dr?
    I hate peeing. I hate even typing peeing but for real I hate it. It's so boring! So sometimes I think about it like it might be a medical thing and a dr can solve this by then I worry that it could actually be a medical thing and that's supes scary.
  4. Is (blank) mad at me?
    Usually it's the same five people that are actually never mad at me and I'm just mad at them but being passive aggressive about it and projecting.
  5. Is almond milk or butter bad for you?
    I refuse to look this up and if anyone on this list app says it is I'm reporting abuse. For real I know @dev
  6. What's the weather like where blank is?
    If I love you or if I even really like you and you are out of town or live away from me I check your weather. @LevNovak always checking in on your Boston life! Also, I have Los Angeles and Beverly Hills on my weather app because I'm convinced there is a difference. Small but it's real.
  7. How does waze know things?
    Why does it want you to report things when you are driving? Isn't that dangerous? Also I don't work for you waze. I'm currently upset at waze because it was extra crazy this morning and mazed me through the rainy streets of la. Also, there are never police ahead! That's a lie.
  8. The time that @efos called me a mess and an idiot
    This sounds mean but was actually perfect. Her exact quote was "everyone thinks you are so smart but you are actually pretty dumb" everyone is always very nice to me (thank you) but after constantly being late and a bad driver and not being able to exit the vehicle without throwing stuff around @efos told me what was really up! I laugh about this all time
  9. Why Mark Wahlburg in on the show Wahlburger's
    @bjnovak introduced me to Wahlburger's and I have not felt so many emotions for TV in so long. I just don't understand why and how and why again? But also he loves doing it so much you can tell I produced reality TV shows I CAN tell! He does it for family I know but I want to be in his family I think and understand more on why he did this show.