1. Handstand competitions in swimming pools of oceans
    I have great form NBD
  2. New flavors of almond butter
  3. Glaciers
    Just discovered I love everything about them
  4. Fun mornings after sleepovers
  5. The few minutes before ambien takes it's ride
  6. The few minutes after Xanax does it's charm
  7. Quick wifi with no passwords
  8. Not being late to the movies
  9. Letting someone else plan fun activities
  10. 4 plus chilled pillows on a bed
  11. Warm blankets in luxurious fabrics
  12. BH 90210 marathon on tv
  13. Skype with my little cousins
  14. Driving through the canyons at night with no destination. Alone or with bestie
  15. Answered emails
  16. Turning my phone off for 24 hours Shabbat each week