I'm at the Upfront Summit in Los Angeles and I thought it was a pretend event but it's a real one.
  1. Write notes to your friend about how bored you are but also how you feel like you are in a college lecture but not sure because you didn't go to college.
  2. Stress about how your phone is dying and how it doesn't make sense that at a tech summit they don't have enough outlets
  3. Complain about how all the snacks are weird sponsored snacks and that Pop chips are gross even though you once loved them
  4. Never wear your badge or credentials so no one talks to you
  5. Think everything is boring until one speaker really impresses you (CEO of Maker Studios is smart and very attractive in a boss like way)
  6. Contemplate if having a business card matters because you wish there were still two way pagers that just beamed over info
  7. Annoyed that the wifi isn't strong enough (again at a tech summit) and wish you could watch the new kanye west video with his baby north )
  8. Feel so happy that you don't wear power suits but think it's so dope of women who do.
  9. Feel grateful that being here feels like a day off from school and that my job is to learn from other people