1. Make lists
  2. Refresh all possible apps you can refresh
  3. Text people you love and even randos
  4. Slight stalk people you care and don't care about on social media (and I hate the word social media so much)
  5. Write work emails but save them in drafts because they sound aggressive and crazy
  6. Refuse to accept that sleep won't happen
  7. TM (that's transcendental mediation for all the locals)
  8. Try to passive aggressively wake up my bestie who is sleeping with such a proud look on her face that it's making me lol
  9. I used lol in the list above because I need more LETTERS because my thoughts can't be limited! @dev Tryna hold me back
  10. Decide if this is a good list for my first list!
  11. Make a mental list of everyone that didn't wish me a happy Hanukkah