This is what subtweeting is for sublimating. Let's see if this works!
  1. If I'm over at your house and you pour yourself water you HAVE TO ask me if I want some.
  2. Don't respond with "k" I don't care if you don't get that why it's not chill for me. Roll with it
  3. You must read my mind when it comes to what I want to eat. Or at least try to. I usually wait until I have no proper thoughts or opinions & need a human to decide for me
  4. If we are watching tv and you leave the room with the remote not in sight you have to make sure it isn't left on commercials at a very high volume.
  5. You have to lower the brightness of your iPhone. This should be obvious to everyone who texts a lot
  6. If you feel cranky you need to say you feel cranky but be ok that I won't just let you be cranky. This might not seem fair but will prove very fair.
  7. Air conditioning levels should be discussed not just observed.