This list is pretty specific for LA but I have to do me @ruddybuddy
  1. Best 7-11 dollar smoothies
    Make sure to tell them go half on almond butter because I know all the calories (they have a binder you have to ask to see)but I don't want to scare anyone
  2. They changed their floor to look like the someone's idea of a perverted ocean or a pool at a Vegas hotel
  3. I've never seen anyone in regular clothes (work out clothes only) lots of confidence with girls wearing only sports bras
  4. Jared who works there has my soul because once I was crying and he offered to hug me
  5. You can get b12 shots in the back
    Sounds weird but pretty dope
  6. They have a fridge of probiotics and I don't know what they do but it feels great
  7. Water costs 2-3 dollars but I feel like it's a good thing to splurge on
    This is a dumb thing I do
  8. Wellness shots are real cures
  9. They sell vitamins but don't get pushy about it