To be clear I overdosed so hard on vitamin water back in the day that the flavors below are only flavors available for my organs to accept (not for more than 2-3 sips)
  1. Squeezed (aka lemon water
    It's def not lemonade but also def not water. It's basically lemonade if you made it in the morning and then before bed you were like WHERE IS THAT LEMONADE and then drank that.
  2. Formula 50 grape aka 50 cent
    We all have heard the fun fact that 50'cent got supes rich after vitamin water and I feel so proud of him. I do not know him but I feel like I like KNOW him and he deserves this. However the first sip is more of a SURE THIS IS FINE the rest is...
  3. Xxx acai pomegranate blueberry
    Hate the title. Still don't know what acai is but love an acai bowl @ruddybuddy . To me this is fruit bunch but vitamin water doesn't think so and adds another flavor called fruit bunch.
  4. Energy Tropical citrus
    I used to have this in my office and when people got sick I would insist this worked the same way people insist airborne (did teacher's really event this?)