@gabimoskowitz blessed us with her recipe and @dev blessed us with his ability to follow directions and @Grosstastic & I brought the good vibes Spicy Sweet Potato Latkes (actual recipe) happy last night of Hanukkah but this meal will be a year round thing!
  1. These are some ingredients
  2. This is @dev massaging?
  3. This makes me really respect food photographers. What a trill
  4. This is mixing things
  5. This is what frying looks like
  6. This is me helping (promise not just for the photo but I understand you questioning it)
  7. @dev made homemade apple sauce!
    Someone marry him! J/k @Grosstastic did and we are all lucky because of it
  8. This is a table set for people who are about to enjoy things and each other
    Also please note @lucas wine
  9. This is @Grosstastic in her natural habitat
  10. The results are in!
  11. This is a painting in their home I'm obsessed with
  12. @gabimoskowitz you are now a Hanukah legend!