1. Have Shabbat dinner with either my family or close friends or sometimes if the world gets too loud I choose to have it ALONE
  2. Visit one of my friends kids
    Usually it's the same ones because I have favorites but I'm very respectful to the others PROMISE. My best friends daughter is reading a Rahl Dahl CHAPTER BOOK and it's breaking my heart.
  3. Sleep! Sleep Sleep!
    I need 6-8 hours in the week but the weekend it's a free for all. I usually end up keeping the same schedule but I like can sleep if I want to so.. Permission to sleep in is basically like sleeping in.
  4. Enjoy a cheat meal
    I still don't know what this weeks meal will be but I do know the best one I had was at Jon & Vinny's @hels submit your options! @helytimes i'm saving Spago meal for you FYI
  5. Go for a drive
    I'm from LA and I love driving. I never complain about it because I secretly just love it so much. Even traffic I think "oh this is just a reason to slow my life down what a great bonus" don't hate me I do like 67 hours a week on self care to get here. But I love driving in the hills. Sometimes it's even to just a few songs. My fav is Kanye All of the Lights. I'm very picky about who I like to drive in silence with so submit your resumes now.
  6. Skype with my international family
    I'm very international if you can't tell! But I have about a million cousins of all small ages in Paris/Israel/Morocco so it's basically just me promising to bring gifts when I come visit.
  7. Whole foods visit
    I'm struggling with the idea of having a full fridge and pantry because in the past I thought that would mean I eat less but I have this feeling that I'm way wrong. @jennikonner I feel like you have thoughts here.
  8. Not use my phone/computer/ for 25 hours (Shabbat)
    It's becoming to the point where I might need 48 hours of silence but I'm not sure @hellogiggles would accept that.
  9. Workout
    This has become so crucial that it weirds me out. Last night I had such poor sleep and thankfully @maggiemcguane was up to text me about her garden but I didn't even have to force myself to workout I just wanted to!!! But I promise I will never become a San Vicente runner (anyone here who gets that would agree with me on that fear)
  10. Nature anything
    A hike, a walk, a stroll, a few steps! I'll take it. I do not consider Runyon canyon nature though I'm so sorry for being a hater
  11. Pray pray pray
    This one has become even more crucial than working it. Sometimes I don't even know if I'm doing it write but I know that my soul needs someone to talk to.
  12. Meditate
    Suggested by @onlinealison