These are my trend forecasts. YOU ARE WELCOME!!! Please add yours
  1. Greek yogurt
    Icelandic yogurt (I made this up but sounds great) wait! @eatthelove says this is real and that's exciting
  2. Cronuts
    Chocolate chip sandwiches with frozen yogurt in the center! (Again made this up but keep 👀 out. Thoughts? @molliekatzen
  3. Almond milk
    Cashew milk, walnut milk @jon thoughts?
  4. Soul cycle
    Indoor paddle boarding.. @ruddybuddy thoights?
  5. Nail art
    Bare nails.. Thoughts @Z
  6. Acupunture
    Emotional cupping. This is where you discuss your pain and then they light cups on fire and place them all over you to take out the toxins. This exists and love it! @Goldie
  7. Kale
    Sunchokes, please add @gabimoskowitz
  8. Acai berries
    Back to basics with honey dew! @carlybee can you reveal?
  9. Agave
    Coconut nectar thanks @ale
  10. Hummus
    Black bean spread.. Speak on this @jesseno
  11. SmartWater
    Alkaline water
    Suggested by @sashabronner
  12. Kale chips
    Coconut chips
    Suggested by @sashabronner
  13. Brad pitt
    Tom Hardy
    Suggested by @alibaron
  14. Instagram
    The List App
    Suggested by @Price