I love all of you so feel free to answer these for me in the comments below!
  1. What did you have for lunch?
    I don't care about your breakfast and I'm sure you have dinner all sorted out but lunch??? It could be anything!
  2. Did you have fun dreams?
    I don't want full stories just basically if I was in them and was I fun?
  3. What's your vibe?
    Lot of check in on these! The day gets crazy the vibes get vibier
  4. Randoms from your past that would be weird in your present
    What weirdo was important to you that now you feel even weirder about! I want to know all about them and I will stalk them for you and update you when you no longer care about them, I will now care about them.
  5. Whose phone number do you know by heart?
    It better be mine and it better include a family
  6. What's your ideal home tempature?
    Anything below 67 degrees is for straight sociopaths! Anything about 84 with a light breeze 💯