I get that BBQ is big here but that's not my vibe but I'll be open!
  1. Whole Foods
    The first and biggest
  2. La Mexicana Bakery: Even though it's lunch get the breakfast tacos. Uchi, if it is open for lunch, for Sushi. Gueros (I know everybody knows it) but their shrimp tacos are amazing. The original Kirby Lane (get the Paris Texas platter). Or a cheese plate and a glass of wine at Hotel San Jose.
    Suggested by @Tim_OConnell
  3. Second Bar + Kitchen
    Place is incredible. And central.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  4. Torchy's Tacos
    Get a Fried Avocado taco and a Dirty Sanchez taco. Thank me later.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  5. Across the street from Whole Foods at Lucky's Puccia!!!
    My favorite. And it's right next to an outdoor bar, so you can get a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) to go with!
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  6. La Condesa!
    Central! Delicious! You can have a FLIGHT of Guacamoles. Nothing like gentrified kaled-up food in a town where you could get the real deal for way cheaper 😍
    Suggested by @lenadunham
  7. The Odd Duck
    On S. Lamar Blvd. Really fresh food and the menu is super inventive. The atmosphere is really relaxed and open. Grab a cocktail and get anything with a duck egg!
    Suggested by @KateRoberts
  8. Mother's cafe
    Crazy good vegetarian food, and this is from someone who could eat steak every day.
    Suggested by @sogol
  9. Home Slice pizza
    On South Congress - has a sit down spot and also a take out window. Deeeeelish.
    Suggested by @sogol
  10. Tyson's tacos!! It's a little shack type thing and it's AMAZING. Better than Torchy's.
    Caveat: One of the Torchy's in Houston gave me food poisoning so I can never go back. But everyone else I know in Texas has gone without food poisoning and loves it.
    Suggested by @sogol
  11. East side cafe
    This was my neighborhood joint in college and it's still charming af
    Suggested by @aminatou
  12. Ah, missed this, but the answer is clearly East Side King.
    Suggested by @josh