This is obviously not a real safety issue. But emotional safety is real guys! I'm on a plane guys where I feel safe to share these! Please add!
  1. Movie theater bathrooms during showings where everything is quiet and empty
  2. Hotel lobbies after 1030 pm with French techno remixes playing
  3. Having different entertainment tastes can feel so unsafe! Someone laughing when you want to do the opposite of laugh! Frightening
  4. Low phone battery but the 3-6 percent kind. Anything below or above I just practice acceptance
  5. When people use my name in sentences
  6. When people start off conversations asking how I am.
  7. Being in someone's car you aren't close enough to that you can't comment on their temperature or music selects
  8. Different groups of mass texts discussing each other!
    clean squad you feel me!
  9. Thinking I'm going to miss my afternoon meditation
  10. When everyone orders lunch without me at work
  11. Boba tea
  12. No hair bands in sight
  13. Slow photo booths
  14. Asking if I have a rewards card anywhere
  15. Not getting shows everyone gets
    Too afraid to mention here
  16. Listening to people order take out on speaker phone
  17. Dial in numbers for conference calls
  18. Tasting menus
  19. Chef's choice
  20. Small plates/ tapas
  21. When someone is mad but won't say they are mad but you know they are mad
  22. When someone admits they are mad but need some time to not be mad
  23. When you are mad but can't say you are mad
  24. Seeing people hike in real clothes not workout clothes
  25. Kids walking with their nannies texting on their phones
  26. Seeing parents carry strollers and gear and no one to help in sight