Please feel free to suggest rude things but please avoid suggestions about rude people! That's just rude.
  1. Starbucks not serving almond milk
    Coffee bean has worked this out and I know you can work this out
  2. Parking tickets when it's raining
    Do we really need this? And those plastic envelopes are extra upsetting
  3. Computers getting so hot
    This feels like something that shouldn't happen. I'm no engineer but @charlie who do I need to talk to here?
  4. TSA not letting water in
    I'm sorry but I'm trying to hydrate not murder with liquids
  5. Charging extra for avocados
    I don't mind paying for this at all but I don't like to be reminded 3x that it's extra! I'm prepared for this
  6. Restaurants that won't seat you until your whole party arrives
    Why? I'll order for them! Calm down
  7. Bathroom keys
    This is so silly and a waste of time. Also, extra when the key is attached to large objects
  8. Coffee shops with no power outlets
    I bought a fancy latte AND a pastry, so I deserve a little power. I understand you don't want me here all day, but my 2010 MacBook has a battery life of 12 minutes.
    Suggested by @lindsinger
  9. Hair dryer nozzles always be falling off! Like, just sell it to me with the nozzle thing permanently attached!
    Suggested by @alexandrafiber
  10. When public bathrooms don't have mirrors
    How am I supposed to check my hair without this?
    Suggested by @erinmallorylong
  11. Sweet and sunny springtime doubling as allergy season
    Bittersweet symphony that's life
    Suggested by @devynn
  12. Delayed flights
    We all need to get there! Rude!
    Suggested by @laure
  13. Mysterious phone battery life
    Excusez-moi, 100% to 20% takes all day but 20% to completely dead takes a minute and I'm on the subway and I'm so bored now? No.
    Suggested by @yrfriendrachel