I'm sorry I'm trying to work through these but I feel what I feel. And it's not going to be obvious ones like moist and panties (which don't bother me but I'm an emotional outlier) PLS SUGGEST
  1. K
    Do not "k" me! Give me the respect of adding the other letter O and let's always just say OK, K!! 🔪🔪
  2. I love you too
    If I tell you I love you I'm going to ask that you either match it by just saying the same words I said or adding more but don't just agree with me by saying too!
  3. Hate
    What do you hate? Why do you hate something so much? Just don't like it but super intense to hate it. Calm down on hate and move towards dislike
  4. I don't agree
    I have serious problem where I can't see why everyone doesn't see things the exact same way I do.