1. Running outside
    I know this feels like the opposite purpose of my list BUT I've realized that 20 mins of running is much easier (but less fun) then going to an hour class that really to and from and before and after takes 2 HOURS!! Who has that time?
  2. Soul cycle
    Only the west Hollywood location. I love that it's a 45 minute class and they play music (remixes and mashups to things you never thought were possible! Think Riri meets Nine Inch Nails) so loud people put on ear plugs. Also, it's next to Earth Bar and I love a 11 dollar smoothie. Sorry I just do. Oh and I'm very popular there (that's a positive and neg thing.)
  3. Ballet Bodies
    I love ballet. My mind hates ballet. They play kcrw style music while you plié! There is always street parking but like one class a day like weirdos.
  4. Hot 8 yoga
    I feel a love hate for these classes. I love how clean it feels there despite all the reasons it really shouldn't be clean. I hate going to a class where they play W hotel lobby style dance music but I love a hip hop up dog vibe.
  5. Best U studio
    I really don't get what is happening in this class but I always feel sore and their mirrors are perfect workout mirrors.
  6. Body by Simone
    Don't tell anyone but teachers from Tracy Anderson left there and started this.
  7. Yoga works (larchmont only)
    It's spiritual sort of and they let you sleep at the end a few extra minutes
  8. Burn 60
    It's like having a personal trainer but with Brentwood moms