I also want this list to pertain to my favorite songs to dance to in the car! I get so hyped in the car.
  1. Kanye All of the Lights
    Fergie is secretly on the song! I say secret because no one talks about it because I bet Riri was like GET OUT OF MY LANE BISH
  2. Janet Jackson anything
    Alright, If, What Have You Done for me , and I can do the Rhythm Nation choreography because I went to like a million bat mitzvah's and this was a thing.
  3. Outlast Bombs over Baghdad
    How insane that this is a real title? Also, the first 30 seconds amps me so much I'm worried that crashing into people seems exciting
  4. Katy Perry Roar
    The only song I approve that is about animals
  5. Florence and the Machine Dog days are Over
    This makes me spin around and around
  6. Brigitte Bardot Moi Je Joue
    This song is so fun and my much about the performance it requires to really enjoy it. Ask about me!!
  7. Ciara.. Ride featuring Ludacris
    This is my favorite song to do for abs, legs and arms because Ciara is the best dancer and so sexual it's mesmerizing
  8. Sister Nancy.. bam bam
    I've loved too many dj's and this song works for the beginning of the night and getting people out of the club and it's my favorite reggae song ever
  9. King Harvest .. dancing in the moonlight
    This makes me feel so magical
  10. Manu Chao .. bongo bongo
    This song makes me dance around and around and around and around