No intro needed
  1. Being on time
    You might regret being late or early though
  2. Choosing happiness
  3. Having snacks in your car AND purse
  4. Pushing yourself to workout
  5. Drinking water
  6. Visiting someone sick and lonely in the hospital
  7. Paying the extra dollar for avocados
  8. First aid kits
  9. Drinking water
  10. Any acts of service
  11. Playing with children or like children
    Don't make it weird with weird comments on this
  12. Taking the higher road
    My therapist says the higher road is just compassion
  13. Observing nature
  14. Praying
    To who and whatever you want!
  15. Getting a good nights sleep
  16. Owning basics
    Simple t shirts, cozy sweaters and fitter and lose dresses or pants
  17. Self care
  18. Writing down feelings
  19. Gratitude