I'll do more of these I love this // month one
  1. A copy of living loving and learning
    Also a little pen
  2. A ukulele
    Everyone should learn, major confidence booster
  3. A few YouTube tutorials on basic wood shop skills
    Learn more do more
  4. Some popcorn
    I love it I eat too much of it
  5. Oranges
  6. A mix cd
    A healthy blend of punk and some softer stuff
  7. A lil bit of makeup
    Fun eyeshadow only
  8. A tiny moleskine
    Write it out
  9. A funky t shirt that says something funny
    I'll hand make it
  10. Hair dye
    Good dye young for lyfe.
  11. Flowers
    Dried or alive both r good
  12. Candle
    The good one from my favorite witch shop
  13. A cute keychain
    They're makin a comeback, kid