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  1. Smokers who think the non-smoker protection laws don't apply to them
    Not only that the already warm stuffy air gets worse but you also are the reason people get itchy rashes. You are the reason people get lung cancer. You ruin people's concert!
  2. People with hairdos that end up in your face
  3. People holding up ridiculous signs and block your view
    "Can I have your guitar pick?" - seriously fuck off!
Since people keep asking me and I don't have a proper answer, here's a list to choose from: (p.s.: don't take me seriously)
  1. A-ha
    In particular the disappearingly low possibility to walk into Morten Harket and sing a duet with Mr. Angel's Voice
  2. Wolves
    Coz it's not like I can see wild wolves in Germany nowadays
  3. Getting eaten by a polar bear
    Just seems like an utterly weird way to go
3 more...
  1. Seth Cohen (the OC)
    Full of self-doubt and irony
  2. Katharine Stratford (10 things I hate about you)
    Just plain done with society and humanity, and that hair
  3. Styles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
    Ironic and clever
4 more...
  1. The Nanny
  2. Navy CIS/L.A./New Orleans
  3. CSI:NY/Miami
7 more...
You know, those people who make you wish you faked an illness to get out of meeting them
  1. People with a new baby who just went on their first vacation
  2. People who think they know everything
  3. People who talk for hours, but when you talk a word is enough