@aprilkquioh thank you for the push bb
  1. I adopted a cat this summer 😻
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  2. She is super adorable
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    (And a lot bigger now obviously)
  3. She was born to a feral mother (ARENT WE ALL THO)
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  4. Her mom stopped showing up one day 😿 so she and her siblings were rescued
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  5. They were all white and she was not
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  6. She was the only one brave enough to come meet me
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  7. I adopted her and I am now one of those ridiculous pet moms
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  8. At any rate, I wasn't sure what to call her
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    (Pic is post bath bc she was all dirty lolololol)
  9. That week, I saw Mad Max: Fury Road
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  10. Twice
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  11. Because obviously
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  12. My BFF @ltoiaivao suggested we call her Furryosa
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  13. Kind of a joke but mostly serious
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  14. I was like haha but actually yeah
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  15. Called her that for a month
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  16. Realized it was dumb and also too long
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  17. Changed her name to Josie
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    My favorite movie is Never Been Kissed
  18. In the meantime, we had taken her to the vet like three times for shots and checkups and such
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  19. They always commented on her name being so cute when we bring her in
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  20. When we changed the name we brought her back to the vet for a shots booster
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  21. I walked up to the counter
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  22. I checked her in
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  23. I had one chance to casually say "oh, actually, we changed her name" in a non weird way
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  24. I didn't do it because I felt awkward for some reason
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  25. I meant to do it the next time but the woman who checked me in commented on how she thought the name Furryosa was cute
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  26. Now every time we go to the vet I feel like an idiot
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  27. And I have to pretend Josie's name is Furryosa
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  28. The end
  29. Ps she got fixed this week and had to wear a cone 🙀
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