@aprilkquioh thank you for the push bb
  1. I adopted a cat this summer 😻
  2. She is super adorable
    (And a lot bigger now obviously)
  3. She was born to a feral mother (ARENT WE ALL THO)
  4. Her mom stopped showing up one day 😿 so she and her siblings were rescued
  5. They were all white and she was not
  6. She was the only one brave enough to come meet me
  7. I adopted her and I am now one of those ridiculous pet moms
  8. At any rate, I wasn't sure what to call her
    (Pic is post bath bc she was all dirty lolololol)
  9. That week, I saw Mad Max: Fury Road
  10. Twice
  11. Because obviously
  12. My BFF @ltoiaivao suggested we call her Furryosa
  13. Kind of a joke but mostly serious
  14. I was like haha but actually yeah
  15. Called her that for a month
  16. Realized it was dumb and also too long
  17. Changed her name to Josie
    My favorite movie is Never Been Kissed
  18. In the meantime, we had taken her to the vet like three times for shots and checkups and such
  19. They always commented on her name being so cute when we bring her in
  20. When we changed the name we brought her back to the vet for a shots booster
  21. I walked up to the counter
  22. I checked her in
  23. I had one chance to casually say "oh, actually, we changed her name" in a non weird way
  24. I didn't do it because I felt awkward for some reason
  25. I meant to do it the next time but the woman who checked me in commented on how she thought the name Furryosa was cute
  26. Now every time we go to the vet I feel like an idiot
  27. And I have to pretend Josie's name is Furryosa
  28. The end
  29. Ps she got fixed this week and had to wear a cone 🙀