As of 5/19/16 at 10:38 pm.
  1. Ok. I'm a basic bitch. I am a hothead. I am not perfect.
  2. I sometimes will push on when people start getting defensive, because I' used to being told my opinion doesn't really matter because I'm (female) (fat) (emotional) (depressed) (too loud) (too strident) whatever.
  3. So when I'm told I'm hurting feelings? It makes me question myself and if I'm being rude or harsh.
  4. But also?? It took rude wake-up calls and non-prioritization of my feelings as a White Person (TM) for me to finally GET some shit.
  5. I have gotten zero (0) response, acknowledgement, like, relist, comment, email since I started criticizing some of the policies and actions of HQ. That's fine. I'm used to being ignored because I'm not palatable enough to white men. ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽😘😘😘
    This also has nothing to do with personal relationships with any HQ individual? Honestly it's weird to me that it's taken so personally. This is your business. You gotta take criticism.
  6. Listen: racist systems give preference to the privileged. That means you don't have to be A RACIST to be racist. It takes work to be woke. It takes giving shit up. I'm not there yet either. It's a function of living in an imperfect society.
    Same with patriarchy, same with ableism, same with heteronormativity, etc etc etc
  7. And we've heard a lottttttt lately about good intentions from HQ and not thinking the worst.
  8. Sure.
  10. Essentially, in social justice terms, if you're not with us, you're against us, and inaction results in impact that in my opinion is. Not great.
  11. So let's put all feelings aside and look at the
  12. COLD
  13. HARD
  15. Of the app right now.
  16. We don't know how many people total are on or the demographics of those people or how many of them are active.
    It's my hunch that most of list is currently white women, however.
  17. All we can see is the people and lists that HQ chooses to highlight.
  18. So let's take a little look see:
  19. Currently on the recommended list, by my count, there are 57 humans who are neither brands nor verified celebrities.
    Could be lizard people but that's too hard to verify independently.
  20. Out of those 57 real human individuals, there are:
    (This is as far as I could tell via prof pics and light internet stalking so it def could be off a little!!!)
  21. 19 white men
  22. 29 white women
  23. 7 women of color
  24. 1 man of color.
  25. Ok. Let's break that down a little further.
  26. White people make up 85% of the recommended list.
  27. People of color make up 15%.
  28. That's also lumping in all people of color to one category, which is obviously inaccurate and not really even representative, but I'm not gonna try to guess people of color's races bc that would be messed up.
    Same with like LGBT+ representation.
  29. On the featured list right now that shows up on the first page:
  30. Static
  31. Static
  32. Static
  33. 100% white. 100%. 100 PERCENT.
  34. I am not implying that those people don't deserve to be featured. I like a lot of those people. A lot of those people are my friends. It's just that it's not an accurate representation of the list community world?
    This has nothing to do with arguing for certain people even!! There's not a quota of POC vs white ppl I think is the right number! Just about the amplification of white voices at the sacrifice of the voices of POC.
  35. I'm not even implying that HQ is racist or sexist or evil or anything bad. I'm simply saying that I do not like those stats and I think we could do better.
  36. Just as in the past, I have said I don't like certain lists that have been featured that I thought were sexist or dismissive of women.
  37. Do I think those authors/curators are terrible? Of course not.
  38. But intent doesn't really matter in the real world. Impact does.
    and I continue to insist we should as a group prioritize impact on POC and LGBT+ and female voices instead of the feelings of those in power. We've had several people offer their expertise on how to create a more friendly space so we stop losing people of color who feel frustrated and uncomfortable. Not doing so is a distinct choice with distinct impacts.
  39. Hmmmm and a lot of people on the rec list are trending!
    Weird how specific highlighting by HQ can do that for a person.
  40. The trending list, at the moment of writing, has five people of color on the front page.
    Seems like....people maybe like that content even when it's not pushed. Maybe could be pushed a little more. Maybeeeeee just a thoughttttttt
  41. So, to review:
  42. Are you cool with having 85% white people on the rec list?
  43. Are you cool with 100% white people on the featured list?
  44. Even if it was a mistake. Even if it was unintentional. This has been brought up SO MANY TIMES how can it not be a distinct choice not to focus on and pay attention to this?
  45. I'm not.
  46. Are you?