(i.e., are a POC and/or identify as female, trans, non-binary, queer, etc.)
  1. I want to be a TV writer.
  2. I have noticed a bunch of you do too.
  3. I would like to create an email list, a low key monthly meet up for hanging out and networking (ew), and maybe a system for writing feedback, etc.
  4. Here's why:
    (Forgive me for using "women" and "minorities" as catch-all terms in this post. It was hard to find studies about cis/non cis representation or LGBTQ+ representation, so please link me if you know of some! Although, the fact that a trans writer being hired to be on the staff of Transparent was "news" suggests that these stats would just read "lololol.")
  5. Look, straight cis white guys are great. I have tons of friends who are straight cis white guys.
  6. However, it's also from that population that I consistently hear comments about "well, I'm not quote-unquote-diverse so it's pretty hard for me to get a foot in the door as a tv writer."
    Even from guys who would definitely describe themselves as "not racist" and maybe even "feminist sort of." 😑😑😒😒
  7. According to UCLA's Hollywood Diversity Report from earlier this year, as summarized in The Hollywood Reporter, straight cis white guys are killing it in the land of television, both in front of and behind the screen.
  8. Even though diversity on camera actually increases viewership...
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  9. ...many shows are still white-washed, and any orientation and identity other than straight and cis is usually the basis for 1. the entire show because it's just sO wEiRd or 2. a degrassi-style Special Episode.
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  10. This boob tube mayonnaise corresponds with minimal representation for women and minorities in TV writer's rooms.
    Note: many many people (white men) complain about diversity programs making it "unfair" now, even though their beliefs are contrary to facts.
  11. According to the Writer's Guild of America West's 2015 TV Staffing Brief, "little has changed since the 2011-12 season," where women were "significantly underrepresented" and minorities "remained far from reaching anything resembling proportionate representation."
  12. In fact, women and minority representation in tv writing rooms has declined.
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  13. Rooms that are mostly diverse and/or female? Only for shows that are heavily marketed for women and/or diverse audiences.
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  14. And it's not changing quickly (or at all right now).
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  15. That's dumb.
  16. And stupid.
    Wrong-headed, imbecilic, poopy.
  17. Not only morally an injustice, but financially wrong, too, according to a few bullet points back.
  18. In my own life (and as supported by statistics that I've read but don't want to Google rn), I've found that community, mentorship, and friendships with other women have brought me the most happiness --- and real career benefits.
    Case in point: my list from earlier tonight - got a job through a girl I know who was in my previous writing group.
  19. I can't speak for other underrepresented groups, as I do benefit from a shit ton of privilege.
    I am straight, I am white, I am cis, I am financially solvent.
  20. I imagine, however, that the same benefits from and longing for community and allies in one's field of interest are true for POC and non-cis people.
    Seems pretty universal.
  21. Okay. So.
  22. What should we do? What's the point of this list again?
    I know I know sorry sooooo long
  23. Well, first, don't respond to this list with examples of "not all shows."
    I also love iZombie & OITNB &c &c
  24. If you...
  25. 1. Live in LA
  26. 2. Identify as NOT a white cis male
  27. 3. Want to be a TV writer
    Or are already one and want to do some rad mentorship
  28. Please comment below.
    Helpful things to include would be: things you would like to meet up to do, resources you want to find/share, general feedback on this idea
  29. Let's take the system down from the inside.
  30. ❤️❤️❤️💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾💎💎💎