Ps hey y'all the bitch is back I'm fatter and queerer than ever
  1. Moldy Leaf Pile Ron Should Have Bagged Up Immediately After Raking
    Just saying
  2. Chemical Gourd Scent
  3. Marshmallow Scent With Poo Undertones
    That Fall bathroom vibe
  4. Walk In The Woods with hints of Moldy Undergrowth
  5. Wet Hair At The Bus Stop & Spice
    Y'all know what I'm talkin bout
  6. Cinnamon Moth Balls
  7. Thigh Sweat And Nylon
    When you wear tights and it's too soon and you're sweaty instead of aspirational
  8. Pumpkin ToeCheese Cake
    I hate super sweet fall/winter scents fight me