1. Look.
  2. I am fat, fat, fat. And you know what? That's okay.
  3. I still look fuckin cute every day.
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  4. Contrary to popular belief, people will still love you if you're fat.
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    Look! Friends!
  5. You don't have to wait to get a significant other until you're thinner.
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    I have a boyfriend!!! And he knows I'm fat!!!
  6. When someone says "I feel fat," don't respond with "no, you're beautiful!"
    Fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive.
  7. Ask them to clarify.
    Usually they mean they feel "bloated" or "sad" or "unattractive." Use them words, people.
  8. Turns out that feeling hot is 70% fiercely and intentionally loving yourself, 20% going for your own particular style, and 10% pants that fit.
  9. The problems in my life? They're not here because I'm fat.
    They won't disappear when/if I lose weight.
  10. Why am I fat? I don't know.
    A lot of reasons, for a lot of other lists.
  11. I exercise. I don't eat terribly.
  12. Even if I did, though, that doesn't give anyone the right to comment on my body. It is MINE. I don't need to defend my right to exist.
  13. Being fat in LA is hard.
    That's okay. Almost everything in LA is hard, except for tripping over a fucking chihuahua.
  14. People talk about getting thin like it's their job, because for many people, it is.
    Let's not even start on the catcalls that start "Hey! You're fat!"
  15. There are shitty things that come with a lot of identities, but the one that I hate the most about being fat?
  16. Doctors don't bother to think for one second about what might be wrong with me.
  17. Without fail, the first diagnosis will be "well, fat can contribute...."
  18. Um, yeah, I know.
  19. I know that being fat can contribute to health problems.
  20. That doesn't mean you can't treat the other factors / results.
  21. I've had to go to multiple doctors for three (3) separate health problems over my life that were first diagnosed as "idk you're fat."
  22. 1. High school. My period never stabilized out. Irregular 24/7, cramping weird, odd uterine pricks of pain.
  23. The first gyno I went to literally shrugged and said, "Impossible to diagnose until you lose weight."
  24. Had to go to three doctors before somebody talked to me like a human and found the right hormonal bc for me that evened out my weirdo insides.
  25. 2. My foot started hurting. Like, a lot.
  26. First doctor I went to shrugged. He said, "Probably weight related." (Surprise!)
  27. Second doctor I went to diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis.
    I gotta do physical therapy for that shit.
  28. 3. I get cysts on my thighs (it's grosser for me than for you). They are painful and get in the way of my daily life.
  29. I've gone to a gyno, two dermatologists, and a GP about them.
  30. Every single one shrugged and said "probably weight related; maybe ingrown hairs."
  31. No, they're not. I know what those are like.
  32. Last night I posted on a Facebook group for vaginal/female-bodied health and asked if anyone else had it.
  33. A bunch of people suggested things for me and a few of them offered diagnoses that might be right, including what to do about it, who to talk to, etc.
  34. I had to ask fucking Facebook what to do. Facebook was more helpful than a doctor. Than SEVERAL doctors.
  35. All three of these problems? Yes, probably contributed to by my weight.
  36. Losing weight is not the only solution to any of them.
  37. "Fat" is not a diagnosis.
  38. Use your medical degrees, fuckers.