@ltoiaivao is my BFF just FYI
  1. This is us after our first paid comedy gig. She's my writing partner and I think she is the funniest person in the world.
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  2. This is Lindsey for Halloween this year as a sexy giraffe. Her mom commented that there was a lot of chest showing and I laughed for hours at the idea of giraffe boobs.
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  3. This one that I took remains the photo for a lot of her dating app profiles. My sweater, her swagger. PS ANY SMART SWEET TALL BOYS WITH GLASSES ON HERE SHOULD MAYBE TALK TO HER.
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  4. This one is from college, when we were on the beach with our children's theater group and I felt very happy and we both wore cat shirts.
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  5. This shows her casual-hangin-out-sorta-self-conscious-sorta-not-probably-thinkin-bout-somethin look.
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  6. This one that shows off her cool pixie cut that everyone told her would be too much for her face. HATERS TO THE LEFT IT LOOKS AMAZING
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  7. This beach photo from right after Lindsey moved to LA. I missed her so much when I was here before her, and I was so glad she was here.
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  8. This one of us right before graduation, a little scared, a little excited, complementary and comfortable.
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  9. This one our close friend Teddy took of us while on a road trip through Santa Barbara. Lindsey always makes me feel like we can do anything. This pic gets that feeling in my bones. I love you, sister-friend.
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