I welcome the fucked up, the squirmy, the silly, the weird, yearning to breathe free.
  1. Have no hands or no genitals?
  2. Have a face on your butt (Professor Quirrel style) or a butt on your face (you can put it on your forehead or whatever)?
  3. Change genders or lose 15 IQ points?
    For non-binary or agender people, Option A can be "be restricted to one gender," or something else, I don't fucking know
  4. Swear once per minute or never swear again?
  5. Have a Flowers for Algernon situation or a Benjamin Button situation?
  6. Say "love you" to your boss or say "thanks mom/dad" to your boss?
  7. Text someone something rude about them by mistake or say something rude about someone when they are physically right behind you?
  8. Have penises for limbs or have wheels for limbs?
    All four.
  9. Cyber bully someone or be cyber bullied?
  10. Have your parents see your porn watching history or see your parents' porn watching history?
  11. Watch CatDog forever or watch one episode of Seinfeld forever?
  12. Be really good at one skill, but never be recognized, or be super famous but everything you do is by one talented person behind the scenes?
  13. Would you rather have penises for legs or penises for fingers?
    Suggested by @mkazin
  14. Would you rather eat a piece of poo like an inch in size or drink a gallon of pee?
    Suggested by @paigeparker
  15. Buttholes for eyes or penis for nose? You can still see/smell.
    Suggested by @paigeparker
  16. Have sex with your sibling or kill your sibling with your bare hands?