How to be aggressively passive

  1. @ltoiaivao and I used to do this in college
  2. When you feel like someone is being passive aggressive:
  3. Just go COMPLETELY LIMP. Act like a baby sliding out of its high chair.
  4. Or like this bb elephant's trunk. Just flail those body parts around.
  5. Like the chair you're sitting in just became this slip n slide.
  6. Or a literal slide. See if you can go all the way to the floor.
    People are passive aggressive to not directly address the problem. This takes that, mirrors it back, and amplifies it in a way that usually breaks the tension.
  8. Usually if you do this and you've talked about it before, the other person will giggle because it makes you look really goofy, and then you can ask them what's really up.
  9. There you have it, folks! The way to counter passive aggressiveness is with aggressive passiveness.
    You know, the old contrafactual setup.
  10. Happy flopping!