I DID IT!!!!

Warning: braggadocio ahead
  1. β€’
    I listed two months ago about being fired from a job where I did not feel like myself
  2. β€’
    I moped around for a while
  3. β€’
    I applied to a bunch of jobs
  4. β€’
    I interviewed for a bunch of them
  5. β€’
    I almost got a bunch of them but didn't
  6. β€’
    But in the meantime I got to have lunch with Rita Wilson at the Beverly Hills Il Fornaio, which was honestly the best "interview" in the world
  7. β€’
    I started posting my writing and body positive thoughts on fb and got a bunch of good feedback
  8. β€’
    One of my friends messaged me about a job opportunity she thought I would be good for
  9. β€’
    I interviewed and was just myself
  10. β€’
    I told a story about when I was young and weird and did a ton of historical reenactments
    Also I talked about TheListApp which made me seem very ~~cutting edge~~
  11. β€’
    I waited a week
  12. β€’
    I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. β€’
    I am working at BuzzFeed starting in January and I am very excited.
  14. β€’